Monday, February 25, 2008


Weekend was supposed to start a minute after Friday midnight right? But that was just the time when I was able to sleep. You see I have to prepare for the recitation the next day. And since I’m not certain about the coverage, I had to read as much as I can…Read meaning I haven’t memorized it yet except for the Lawyer’s Oath. I could recall them if I have the time to reread...but I need to sleep too you know. Zzzzzzz

Saturday morning was the day for the recitation of the Lawyer’s Oath. I’ve been memorizing it for quite sometime already…been rehearsing it over and over again. Its been running in my head when my brain isn’t working so well…or while doing something else that doesn’t require much thinking. Too bad though the strategy didn’t work…was able to recite it right only on the 3rd try. I was really nervous while uttering those words…I was torn between saying it right and the thought of being able to live up to what I’m saying…The other part of my recitation wasn’t as bad. Although it’s rather ironic, the topics I just read were better recited than those I memorized. It makes me shiver…

Even if I haven’t started the day so well, I’ve tried not to end it that way…you see it’s my Mama’s special day. It’s one of those rare times when I’m in charge of the kitchen. It’s not because my culinary skills are suited for special occasion…I don’t have such a skill but I do exert a little effort to cook for people who are special to me…even if it might be faced with a little (or even a lot) of criticisms. lol And like my class, the food I prepared had its hits and misses. The salad was well-loved! I don’t even know what it’s called. It’s a combination of macaroni (I used the twisted with varying colors of macaroni), mayonnaise, fruit cocktails and fresh grapes…just tossed it and have it chilled. Presto! It’s ready for consumption. My best friend was the one who taught me this recipe. So for the sake of this blog, let’s call it Salad ala Lindz. Thanks Lindz, as expected it was a hit! However, the fettucini was not faced with the same enthusiasm…it was a flop. There were still leftovers which took another day in the fridge. The hot and spicy tuna sandwich spread wasn’t so bad; some liked it while others just don’t feel spicy food… It sounds like we had a big event but the truth of the matter is it’s just a family affair…and some playmates of my young cousins. The kids were my food critics. : )

The rest of the weekend was devoted to watching TV and going over the assignments for school…particularly righting that digest book. My hands were already stiff come Monday night. Darn!

After that not so exciting long weekend, I’ve come to realize that life is indeed a mixture of some hits and misses…enjoyment and hardships. Life is indeed a balancing act.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The beginning…..

Beginning….is the only the word I was able to write in this blank sheet during the couple of minutes that passed. It’s strange for someone as talkative as me not to be able to express what I want to say. Beginnings are always difficult. It always feels like entering an unfamiliar place…uncertain of what lies ahead. Should I continue or should I not?

Sounds dramatic huh? You’d probably be wondering what I’m leading to…Honestly, I’m still uncertain. You see this blog has already been under construction for a few weeks now…yes you read it right. It’s in existence for sometime already but nothings been written yet. Why? For varying reasons I’m not even certain if they are meritorious. Either I’m having some cold feet, preoccupied with something else or just plain lazy. I can’t think of any interesting thing you’d want to read. Maybe I’m just afraid that a lot people would notice how crazy my ideas are or what their perception of me would be like. Or maybe they’ll notice how grammatically erroneous my English is. (lol) On the other hand, isn’t it better to write down ideas than keeping them? It’ll be worthless if its just stuck in our heads…And how would one know what other people say or think when you don’t give them the chance to even notice that you actually exist? For all we know they don’t even care…and finally how would they know that you’re grammar is so bad when you don’t speak at all. Maybe, just maybe it is worth taking the risk to start blogging.

Do I sound convincing enough? (nice line Gelene, can’t help but include it here :) )